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Welcome To Avery Therapy Centre. Specializing In Counselling For Those In Vancouver Seeking The Path To A More Meaningful Life.

Avery Therapy Centre can appreciate that seeing a therapist can be overwhelming, but taking that vital step, can be the start of the healing and growth process. At Avery Therapy Centre, our approach is to help you achieve a better self-understanding, self-awareness, insight, and clarity.

Our highly trained registered clinical counsellors can deal with and support mental health issues like anxiety, challenging life events or relationship problems. Whether you have personal trauma or seeking couples counselling, we want to be a part of your process by providing the management therapy needed. Our goal is to inspire you to find solutions and achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life you truly desire.

If you are ready to begin that journey, contact us or book an appointment with a registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver or online today. We look forward to hearing from you.
Misty Mountains

We are a team of mental health therapists with graduate degrees, specialized training, and lived experience. Through collaboration, we will use evidence based approaches to best meet your needs.



Our practice is grounded in trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and strengths based approaches to guide you towards empowerment and resilience. We have the belief that you have everything you need to heal within you - we just help bring it out.



We welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences. Our team is culturally diverse and we appreciate everyone's differences. Our goal is to always educate ourselves and advocate for marginalized communities.




Individual Counselling

50 or 75 minutes

In-Person or Online

Relationship Counselling

50 or 75 minutes

In-Person or Online

Complimentary Consultation

15 minutes

Phone or Online

Complimentary consultations are available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a counselling session?

Each session is tailored to you as the client. We recognize that everyone heals differently so we work to adapt to your specific and individual needs. The main elements of each session are consistent throughout and that is a non-judgement, respectful, gentle, and compassion space for you to explore your challenges. We will support and guide you through self-understanding, insight, clarity, and give you tools and strategies.

How many sessions does counselling take?

There are many variables that affect the counselling journey. Often times, clients report improvement in about 3-10 months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions. However, it depends on your specific challenges, your goals, and your commitment towards growth and healing. You may collaborate with your counsellor on the best plan of action.

What type of training do your counsellors have?

All of our counsellors in Vancouver have a combination of unique lived experiences, master’s degrees, and specialized training. Each person on our team has demonstrated cultural competency and trauma-informed practices. Most importantly, we all focus on authentic human to human connection in relationships with our clients.

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Registered Clinical Counsellor is a designation of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC people are welcomed and supported