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Bruce Avery

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

Certified Sex Therapist


My name is Bruce Avery and I work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT) and I'm the Founder of Avery Therapy Centre & Stellium Sex Therapy. I work with a wide range of people who may seek increased perspective, self-understanding, and clarity in their everyday lives. I also work with people who may feel that anxiety, depression, or past trauma is hindering them from achieving their goals. Through my work, I hear stories of both extraordinary achievements as well as unbearable challenges. I've found the work of counselling to be incredibly fulfilling, and feel honoured when trusted with the opportunity to learn about someone’s life.


I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I moved to Vancouver in 2011, and now consider it home. Prior to working as a therapist, I had a rewarding career in the field of training and development for ten years. During this time, I learned a great deal about coaching, motivation, effective communication, and the process in which we learn and grow as individuals. I worked with various corporations designing and implementing programs to help build effective leaders and strong teams.


Following my time in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my goal of becoming a clinical counsellor. Academically, I hold a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. I am currently working towards a PhD in Clinical Sexology. During my clinical practicum, I worked at both a private practice and a non-profit society for survivors of sexual abuse.


Therapeutic Approach

My priority is to guide you towards personal growth by supporting you in clarifying your beliefs and values. This will allow you to discover your authentic self and live more fully. I believe that we all have the capacity to overcome our challenges and rewrite our stories. The healing journey allows you to develop increased awareness and insight around your experiences and equips you with tools to enable you to feel more confident. Through our collaboration and with practice, you can develop self-compassion and wholeness by becoming connected to your body and the sensations that live there. A simple analogy for our work could be cleaning the windshield so you can navigate your path with more ease and clarity - you won't have to struggle to see the path ahead of you anymore.


When working with me, you can expect to be treated with respect, care, and compassion. It is my intention to develop a foundation of trust and security and an environment in which you can explore your inner world and feel more empowered. My practice is trauma and culture informed and I work with clients from all populations. My focus is on anxiety, depression, trauma, and the LGBTQ population. Using a somatic, humanistic, and strengths-based approach, I will guide you in accessing your determination, resiliency, and internal resources to navigate life’s challenges. It is likely that you’d like to start therapy but you’re not sure where to begin. My goal is to make therapy understandable and accessible to you. During our first few sessions, we will collaborate on your treatment plan and find approaches that work specifically for you. For some people, this may be a very structured approach to correct cognition and behaviour, and for others it may involve becoming attuned to your body.

My availability can be found here.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

-Viktor Frankl

Education and Training

//   PhD in Clinical Sexology

(in progress)

//   Adler University

Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology


//   Arizona State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

//   University of Guelph

Intensive Sex Therapy Training Program

//   Dulwich Centre

Narrative Therapy Training

//   EMDRIA - EMDR Training, Sue Genest

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

// Advanced EMDR Training, Dolores Mosquera

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

// Therapsil Therapeutic Psilocybin

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training

//   Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Somatic Experiencing Training, Advanced Level

//   Trauma Informed Practice Training, Alyson Quinn

Level 1, 2 & 3

// The Chicago School

Sex Therapy: Assessment, Referrals, & Best Practices

//   BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Preparing the Way for Meaningful Intervention

//   Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Level 1

//   PESI

Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals


Individual Counselling (50 mins): $250

Individual Counselling (75 mins): $375

Relationship Counselling (50 mins): $270

Relationship Counselling (75 mins): $400
Open to couples, families, LGBTQ2S+, and open/polyam/CNM relationships.

Rates do not include 5% GST.


Wednesdays: in-person & virtual, 1pm to 6pm

Thursdays: in-person & virtual, 1pm to 7pm

Current clients of Bruce will remain at their most recent rate until further notice.

Rates above reflect education level, certifications, and additional training.

Bruce offers reduced rates to clients who identify as LGBTQ2S+ and/or BIPOC.

If you require a lower fee, please contact us.

Information regarding payment, insurance coverage, and cancellation policies can be found here.

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