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Dana Lingelbach

Dana Lingelbach


My name is Dana Lingelbach (she/her) and I am an Intern Counsellor at Avery Therapy Centre. I was raised in Fort McMurray, a small city located in the wilderness of northern Alberta. Since then I have spent my time traversing western Canada and now call Vancouver, BC, home. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria, and I am in the process of obtaining a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree from Yorkville University. 


The greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life come from my own intricate dance of self-discovery and healing from adversity. Hardship has been my greatest teacher. Through navigating obstacles, I’ve come to understand that embracing vulnerability and summoning the courage to confront discomfort lead to incredible growth and resilience. 


Prior to my graduate studies, I worked within the disability sector and had the privilege of assisting individuals living with acute mental health challenges in a psychiatric crisis unit. These relationships deepened my knowledge of the diverse range of human experience and how trauma profoundly impacts many domains of life. In my spare time, I am passionate about singing, dancing, ceremony and ancestral knowledge, exploring philosophies on consciousness and spirituality, and organizing a yearly wellness festival that seeks to create a space for authentic human connection and expression.  


Therapeutic Approach

I believe that human suffering arises when we become disconnected from ourselves, others, and our planet. Therefore, in my practice, I operate under the belief that healing is a relational and interconnected process. To help facilitate this process, I use empathy, non-judgment, and authenticity to create a bridge of connection between you and I, guiding you toward your inner strengths and capacities. Using a person-centered, humanistic approach, I consider you the expert of your life. Therefore, it’s necessary that we work together as a team to help you construct and achieve your goals.

 I use an integrative approach to counselling, meaning that my choice of theory or intervention depends on your unique needs. Therefore, during our sessions I may include mindfulness or self-compassion building skills, such as drawing awareness to bodily sensations in the present moment or cultivating self-love and acceptance towards oneself. Furthermore, we may explore and increase your understanding of attachment patterns to help you build secure connections, enhance emotional expression between partners, or construct solutions to problems based on prior successes. I am committed to creating a safe, inclusive, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive space where individuals from all walks of life feel welcomed and understood. This includes supporting the complexities of traditional and non-traditional relationship structures, as well as the LGBTQ2S+ community, which I am a part of. I’m here for you.

My availability can be found here.

"It is a beautiful experience being with ourselves at a level of complete acceptance. When that begins to happen, when you give up resistance and needing to be perfect, a peace will come over you as you have never known." — Ruth Fishel


Individual Counselling (50 mins): $50 + GST

Individual Counselling (75 mins): $75 + GST

Relationship Counselling (50 mins): $65 + GST

Relationship Counselling (75 mins): $84.50 + GST

Open to couples, families, LGBTQ2S+, and open/polyam/CNM relationships.


Mondays: in-person & virtual, 4pm to 9pm

Wednesdays: in-person & virtual, 9am to 2pm

Saturdays: in-person & virtual, 10am to 3pm

Expected Practicum Completion: October 2024

Dana is unable to accept clients on a sliding scale at this time. If you require a lower fee, please contact us.

Information regarding payment, insurance coverage, and cancellation policies can be found here.

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