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Vancouver Couples Counseling

Expert Guidance for Transforming Relationships


Are you and your partner caught in a cycle of hurtful arguments, marriage conflict management issues, and repetitive patterns, longing to rediscover the harmony and emotional intimacy that once defined your relationship?


There are many factors which can disrupt the harmony between people, such as:

  • Unhealthy communication or behaviours

  • Feelings of disconnection and intimacy issues

  • Present betrayal, guilt, or hurt

  • Healing after a breakup or past relationships

  • Fear and worries around physical intimacy challenges

  • Inability to be vulnerable and communicate effectively

  • Emotional blockages or misattunement

Often, people seek counselling to increase their connection, improve communication, and find meaning in their relationships.

At Avery Therapy, we understand the complexities of relationships and offer specialized marriage and couples therapy in Vancouver and online. We use approaches like the Gottman Methodemotionally focused therapy, and other relationship counselling techniques. 

Our counsellors are trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and welcoming of all cultures, genders, orientations, and relationship structures, including LGBTQ+ counselling and polyamorous relationships.

We aim to guide you through the transformative journey of healing and growth, helping you achieve a fulfilling, loving partnership through expert marriage therapy and couples conflict management.

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Unveiling a Path to Relationship Fulfillment

Embrace Change and Heal Together


In times of relationship distress, embracing change is pivotal. Our seasoned therapists facilitate this process by delving deep into your relationship dynamics during the initial session, known as the 'Relationship Inventory.' 


This session marks the commencement of a personalized approach wherein we:


  • Assess Your Relationship: We comprehensively evaluate the strengths and challenges within your relationship, ensuring each perspective is valued and understood.

  • Visualize Relationship Goals: Together, we envision your ideal relationship, setting the foundation for tangible aspirations.

  • Chart the Path Forward: Collaboratively, we draft a tailored action plan outlining the steps you both will undertake to achieve your relationship goals.

  • Initiate Healing Actions: Concrete action steps are established to begin the healing process, setting the stage for progress in subsequent sessions.


Nurturing Growth Through Ongoing Sessions


Our commitment to your relationship's transformation extends to ongoing counselling sessions by promptly initiating weekly sessions where we provide the opportunity to build momentum and foster positive relationship dynamics.

The relationship and couples counselling process is a respectful, compassionate, and exploratory approach in working collaboratively to unpack both healthy and unhealthy ways of being with each other so that all parties can move forward with more clarity, confidence, understanding, and ease.

Consistent attendance unlocks the potential for accelerated results, ultimately saving time and resources.

Throughout the counselling journey, expect to:

  • Cultivate Healthy Patterns: Develop nurturing patterns of interaction, fostering a loving and respectful atmosphere within your relationship.

  • Master Communication: Hone communication skills that empower you to articulate needs effectively and understand each other more deeply.

  • Resolve Conflicts and Deepen Intimacy: Learn to navigate conflicts skillfully, deepening your bond and achieving a more intimate connection.

  • Build Security and Optimism: Create a sense of safety and optimism within your partnership, enhancing your outlook on the future and your unity as a couple.

  • Individually and Collectively Thrive: Grow as individuals and as a couple, becoming more secure, confident, and adept at navigating the intricacies of love.

By the end of this journey, you'll learn more about yourself and those around you. You'll be equipped with a new understanding of relationships overall and how to authentically connect with others in a way that aligns with your values.


Choose Love, Choose Transformation


At Avery Therapy, we extend our expert registered clinical counselling services beyond Vancouver, providing secure online counselling via video platforms for relationship counselling and coaching to clients worldwide.


Contact us today if you are ready to journey from conflict and pain to harmony and happiness. Let us guide you towards a path where love is nurtured, and relationships flourish.

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