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Psychedelic Integration Therapy


What is Psychedelic Integration Therapy?


This approach is to support clients who are planning to experience therapeutic psilocybin journeys/trips or for clients who have already had a recent psychedelic experience. Through this process, clients are then supported around integrating, reinforcing, and making sense of their insights, learnings, and realizations.


The main benefit of psychedelic integration therapy is the use of psilocybin along with structure and the support of a trained therapist to allow clients to unpack their journey and incorporate it into their lives holistically.


The use of a plant medicine itself can be powerful and effective but paired with consistent therapy, it can strengthen the healing nature of the experience. The way this works is that psilocybin has been proven to create new neural pathways in the brain and may help change ineffective or unhelpful beliefs, behaviours, or patterns. Integration therapy can create longevity in the benefits and support the new neural pathways to strengthen. A metaphor for this process is a plant that has been recently repotted, if placed in a bigger pot and cared for consistently, the roots will grow and the plant will become larger.


Psychedelic integration therapy also supports harm reduction by providing clients an opportunity to prepare for and better understand what their psychedelic experience could involve. By discussing the importance of set and setting, clients can get the most out of their psychedelic experience and minimize the risk of adverse effects.


What does Psychedelic Integration Therapy entail?


  • Harm Reduction

  • Preparation for the journey/trip

  • Exploring benefits, risks, and safety

  • Setting intentions and goals

  • Reinforcement of the insights and wisdom gained from the experience

  • Processing and understanding the experience

  • Developing a spiritual connection

  • Breaking unhealthy patterns

  • Strengthening healthy patterns


Who could benefit from Psychedelic Integration Therapy?


  • People who are new to psychedelics and need a trained therapist in this area

  • People who want to understand and process the impacts of their traumatic past

  • People who feel like they need more than traditional therapy

  • Those who are seeking a stronger understanding of the lessons learned in the journey

  • Those who are nervous about using this approach but are curious


Why do you offer this approach?


Plant medicines like psilocybin have been around for thousands of years and have been used by cultures around the world for healing purposes. We believe that this approach is one of the most natural and safest options out there for people who are seeking a holistic healing experience. It might not be for everyone (especially those with contraindications) but studies show that psilocybin is not addictive and relatively safe to use in a structured environment.

How do I move forward with this approach?


Our founder, Bruce Avery is a trauma therapist and has been trained to provide psychedelic assisted therapy by Therapsil. He is accepting new clients on a waitlist of around 8-10 weeks. To join the waitlist, please send us an email.

Do you offer Psychedelic Assisted Therapy?


This approach would involve having a therapist/guide present during the actual psychedelic journey/trip. The therapist guide would ensure safety and provide support while the client experiences the effects of the plant medicine. In order to receive psychedelic assisted therapy legally, the client would have to apply for a Section 56 exemption. This can be done through Therapsil. In the extremely rare case where a client is in urgent need of psychedelic assisted therapy and cannot wait to have their Section 56 exemption approved then please send us an email to discuss options.


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