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Workshops for Mental Wellness


October 13th: Roadmap to Meaningful Self Care | Facilitated by Robert & Isabel

The Roadmap to Self Care workshop is going to focus on creating a structured approach to caring for yourself. This would involve exploring coping and self care (how they are similar, different, and overlap), topics such as selfishness, self interest, self compassion, and explore the importance of setting intentions and SMART goals for self care.

October 27th: Restorative Sleep and Sleep Hygiene | Facilitated by Alia & Robert

Attending this workshop, you will go through various topics that include the purpose and reasons for sleep, an introduction to the different types of sleep disturbances and insomnias, as well as tools and strategies that can contribute to a better night’s sleep. By attending this workshop, you may gain a better understanding towards your own experience of sleep by assessing your own habits that may be hindering your rest as well as highlight those practices that are beneficial. Together as a group, we will dive a bit into goal-setting and setting intentions that will set you up for restful sleeps in the future in order to support your overall health and well-being. 

November 3rd: Career and Lifestyle Exploration | Facilitated by Bruce & Robert

The topics being explored within this workshop include, the development of personal motivation, exploring how we find purpose and meaning within work and life, and identifying and discussing how values play an integral role in a person’s career and lifestyle. Those that attend will leave with a greater understanding of how personalities, preferences, and abilities influence personal career and lifestyle decisions. This workshop will take the form of a presentation, participants will be asked to complete self assessments related to the topics covered, and time will be provided for smaller discussions on participants thoughts and questions.

November 10th: Mindfulness and Body Awareness | Facilitated by Julie, Isabel, & Alia

This workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and its different variations. We will dive into how a daily mindfulness practice can work wonders for our nervous system; this system is central to our physical health, as well as our mental and emotional well-being. We will briefly describe the Default Mode Network which neuroscientist have found to be relevant to mindfulness. Perhaps most importantly, this workshop has an experiential component meant to provide participants with mindfulness practices that they can implement in their daily lives.


Tuesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm (PST/Vancouver)

via Zoom Videoconferencing

$25 per workshop

Sign up via Eventbrite


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