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Self-Care Through the Holidays

Let’s talk about the importance of self-care through the holidays.

Especially during the busy holiday season, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself and your personal needs!

Self-care includes the practices that help make space for love and happiness, and that gives you the energy, opportunity, and permission to follow put yourself first.

It’s all about making yourself the priority and doing what makes you happy. It’s not just about face masks and yoga (although they can definitely be a part of it!).

Self-care practices can be broken down into several key areas:


Choose activities that help you connect, process, and reflect on your emotions. Sing your heart out to songs, go for a drive and listen to your favourite playlist. You can even watch your comfort tv show and movie, just spend time with yourself doing what you love.


Write down your thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Create small journal entries each day. Meditate and spend the day away from social media. Take time for your favourite hobbies! And yes... having a nice relaxing bubble bath, lighting a beautiful scented candle and reading a book can go along way on your journey to healing your inner self-care!


Healthy eating habits, exercise such as daily walks and lots of sleep can go along way for your mental health! Practices to ensure your body is functioning at its best! And I know you may hear this from your mom or your doctor but YES take your vitamins and drink lots of water!!!


Time to end any toxic relationships and only surround yourself with people who make you feel at your best! Seek out nurturing relationships to maintain your well-being and set your own boundaries. Enjoy nature, spend time going on walks, hiking, go to the beach and put your feet in the sand! Spend one on one time with the wonders of nurture!


Setting boundaries and finding a work-life balance is very important for your overall well-being. Declutter your living place, arrange your workspace to be more comfortable!


Creating a healthy relationship with money can help you reduce your stress and anxiety

Start self care habits each day and stick to the routine!

The best thing you can do for yourself is waking up and not checking your phone! Go outside and breathe in the fresh air and let the morning sunrise illuminate your face. Now that winter in upon us and it is getting colder out, try to wake up and take 3 deep breaths and remind yourself that it is a fresh, clean new start to the day!

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of extra tasks and hassles that the holidays bring. Taking time to consider what gives you the most meaning and fulfillment helps you prioritize activities, events, and even people.

The holidays can also be tough when you’re missing someone important to you - its okay to feel sad and miss then. Maybe consider having a moment of silence, or sharing favourite memories as a way to honour them.

When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation especially the holiday stressors, it can feel like it’s never going to end! But just keep reminding yourself that this will be over soon, that you’ve successfully made it through every previous holiday season, and focus on noticing and enjoying as many positive moments as possible!

Practice putting yourself first and taking time for your own self-care this holiday season! If you feel like everything is too overwhelming and you need someone to talk to about your stress, consider seeking therapy. Here at Avery Therapy Centre, we offer services in individual counselling for anxiety and stress.

Keep up the amazing hard work! You are appreciated and loved this holiday season. And remember... you got this!

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