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Major Life Changes & How to Deal with Them

Change is not only inevitable, it can lead to beautiful opportunities, even when they come from

the deepest wells of pain and loss. But major life changes can be difficult to deal with. They can

involve multiple stressors. When a major change is unexpected, we may not want to deal with it,

resorting instead to unhealthy coping mechanisms like poor diet, or withdrawal from family,

friends or responsibilities. Our brains feel more comfortable with the same old patterns;

therefore when change arises this may present a dilemma. Uncertainty is the enemy of our

biological impulses.

1. Accept the change.

Denial is a powerful force. Oftentimes, we get so caught up trying to fight change that we put

off dealing with it and deny that it is even happening to us. It is important to acknowledge

change and accept that it is happening.

2. Stability

It is also vital to maintain your regular routines amidst big changes in your life. Some stability in

your life can help you deal with change. We need an anchor to help us stay grounded and have a

safe space to accept the change that is happening.

3. Self care

Often with major life changes, our self-care decreases. Exercise, diet and social support can all

be extremely helpful during major life changes. It can help to choose one thing each that you do

just for your own well-being such as exercise, meditation, swimming or journaling.

4. Stay focused and give yourself time to adjust

Keep your brain focused on what is going on around you. Understand and accept the change as

it comes. Make each intention more specific to give your mind the time to put the puzzle pieces

of change together - this will help alleviate stress and make it easier on you to embrace change.

Grief and loss can be difficult major life changes, especially when there is lack of control over

the event. Surround yourself with your loved ones and social support. Take time and care of

yourself and accept the new path that this change will bring.

For all the pain, uncertainty, these major life changes bring into our lives, they can take a toll on

our mental health but they can also create new beginnings and beautiful outcomes. When we

greet uncertain changes with self-care, self-love, and support, we have a much better chance of

maintaining our mental health during major life changes.

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