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Everything You Need to Know About Couples Counselling

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Tons of marriages and young couples break up every year. It’s normal to see people breaking

up, but sometimes that’s something that they can avoid. Couple’s counselling is stigmatized by

people because they think it doesn’t work or that it’s a waste of time. Yet, that couldn’t be

further from reality. 

It’s unfortunate to see how two people who loved each other end up getting apart and leaving

each other's lives. Everyone should have an opportunity to stay with the person they love, so

couples counselling is always an option for them.

Regardless of that, not everyone knows what happens in a therapy session or at couples

counselling. That’s the reason they hesitate to hire a therapist to help them with that. We are

here to help you! Dive into this page to learn everything you need to know about couples


Can Counselling Help a Broken Relationship? 

One of the main insecurities people have regarding couples counselling is if it’s enough to save

their relationship. The answer to that question is that it depends on the situation, but it

certainly can save a relationship that it’s “broken”.

That’s because not everyone ends up liking the counselling sessions. It could be because they

don’t believe in the process or other personal issues. However, even if it doesn’t help all cases,

couples counselling has saved many relationships worldwide. 

People need to see this process as a resource they can use to improve their relationships and

solve problems they can’t solve by themselves. Doing it has positive consequences because

sometimes you need the opinion of someone that doesn’t know any of the people who are part

of the couple and has an objective perspective. 

Benefits of Going to Couples Counselling.

Apart from being an excellent alternative for people who want to save their relationship, going

to couples counselling has numerous benefits that help the relationship to grow stronger and

love themselves even more than before. 

Marriage counselling has those advantages because you learn how to understand your partner’s

side, and they learn to understand yours. That improvement in communication can be what

determines if you end up saving your relationship or not. 

Everything starts when you learn how to understand your partner’s struggles. Many people

think they do, but in reality, no everyone does that. Having a counsellor for the relationship can

help you see those problems and healthily improve them. 

When you learn how to understand the other person, you immediately start fighting less and

having less trouble. That also makes you reconsider the way you talk to that person, which is

also an enormous improvement. 

That improvement can directly be what changes everything. Apart from that, it may also help to

connect more at both moments of sexual and non-sexual intimacy. 

Since many marriages last years, some people tend to have problems with intimacy and sexual

connection. However, therapists also know what to do to make people feel safer and solve those

kinds of issues. 

Understanding your partner and knowing what you should do and what not is extremely useful

when having a relationship. Counsellors teach you tons of things, and those things can help you

avoid problems with your partner in the future and even in other personal relationships. 

What Happens in Couples Counselling? 


Many people truly don’t know what happens in couple therapy or counselling. That’s because

they only know what they’ve seen in movies or TV shows. Yet, couples counselling is highly

different from what people expect from movies. 

Some of the most difficult moments of couples therapy are the early stages of the process.

Many people don’t believe in the process, so they just go because a relative or friend

recommended the place to them. 

That lack of trust in the process makes some people behave immaturely in the counselling

sessions, which makes everything more difficult. However, that’s what the sessions are for, so

therapists know what to do to make people more comfortable with the idea of going to couples


After they understood and got used to how everything goes and gained trust in the process and

the therapist, counselling sessions get much better, and you can start to see improvements.

The early stages of couples therapy are to help the counsellor understand the issues you have

and help you address everything without causing any further issues. 

The mid part of the process is when most of the work happens. Counsellors have and know

many techniques to help people feel better about themselves and the relationship. 

That’s when the couple starts trying new things to understand better the other person and feel

better in the relationship. 

In the final part of the process, you can see how everything has improved. That’s when you

start noticing results and becoming independent of your counsellor. 

Conclusion – Start Going to Couples Counselling! 

As you could see, couples counselling is a complex process. However, it can significantly help

relationships and marriages to get back what they have lost and save that love they had a lot of

time ago. 

If you are interested in going to couples counselling, take the first step! Don’t hesitate to start

the process that can save your relationship.

To book a complimentary consultation or appointment, click here.

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