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How To Stop Caring What People Think

When you base your actions on what other people will think about you, you limit the opportunities available to you. Many people struggle with the image that they present to others. For many, a deep-rooted fear of what others think affects their daily choices. Here is how to overcome your fear and stop caring what others think.

Why do we care what others think?

Humans are social creatures. Whether we like to admit it or not, we want to be seen and accepted by the
social groups that surround us. Our decisions and actions are often highly regulated by the need to fit
into the social group. The short answer is that it is just in our nature.

Human survival has always been reliant on being a part of a group. More capable members in a group
made it easier to gather food, maintain shelter, and ensure safety. Therefore, the modern human brain
has evolved to seek out the acceptance of a group because, in the past, that has always meant better
odds of survival. While it may no longer be necessary for humans to fit into a group for survival, our
brains are still hard-wired to find and maintain acceptance within the group.

Even today, the general opinion of the masses holds a lot of weight. Social expectations and norms are
developed and maintained every day, and those who break those expectations are often pushed to the
social outskirts of our society.

The fear of this modern exile and our evolutionary development influences our need to be accepted. We care what others think of us because it is advantageous if others see us in a favourable light. The search for acceptance can permeate through every thought, every decision, and every action you take daily.

How do I overcome the fear of being judged by others?

Learning to stop caring what others think is a challenging task. It takes a lot of work and practices to
learn how to build self-acceptance and stop caring about the judgment of others.

Here are some steps you can take to overcome your fear of being judged by others:

Practice self-awareness.

Once you have made a list of all the unique and amazing qualities that make you who you are, it is time to start practicing self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is the act of fully understanding that being exactly who you are is a good thing.

When you accept yourself, you will realize that you wouldn't be the same person if you changed the things that make you who you are. Accepting yourself is all about learning to be okay with who you are. When we practice self-acceptance, it is easy to see that when people cast judgment on us, it has more to do with their outlook on life and less with our actual characteristics.

Say Goodbye to Overly Judgmental people.

Some people in our lives thrive off of judging others. We all know these types of people. They always have something to say about what you wear, how you act, or a part of you that makes you who you are. Sometimes, judgmental people have no place in our lives.

Even if you do the work to accept yourself, it can be difficult to stop caring what people think when you have someone in your life who is constantly judgmental of others.

The best way to handle these individuals in our lives is to be honest and transparent with them. First, confront them on their judgmental behaviour and make it clear that they are inhibiting your ability to be and accept yourself.

If they refuse to work on themselves, it may be time to put some distance between you. Judgmental people can bring you down and make it difficult to escape the fear of what others think. Sometimes they just need to get out of the way of your personal growth.

Take a Break from Social Media.

Social media can be difficult to navigate if you are worried about what others think of you. Social
media is filled with people trying to convince everyone else that their lives are interesting, fun, and
perfect. It is a place filled with constant comparison.

Too much time on social media can make it easy to start comparing ourselves to others on our feeds. This can inspire doubt in your self-acceptance and may influence you to make choices that may not align with your priorities. Taking a break from social media can give your brain the quiet it needs to push out doubt and practice self-acceptance.

Worth the Time and Practice.

Learning to stop caring about what others think can take a lot of time and effort. You will need to
practice every single day. However, learning how to live without the fear of judgment is definitely worth
the work.

You will be able to reach your full potential without the fear of what others think of you. You
can finally be yourself and live life to the fullest without that feeling in your gut that others are judging
you. Free yourself from the hold that others have over you and start enjoying the things in life that make
you, you.
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