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Yosra Matar (she/her)

Yosra Matar 2


Welcome! My name is Yosra Matar (she/her), and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor at Avery Therapy Centre. I am dedicated to supporting a diverse range of individuals at various stages of their healing journeys, helping them navigate themes such as relationships, past trauma, and self-understanding. As someone with ADHD, I am passionate about working with clients who have or suspect they have ADHD or other forms of neurodivergence, as well as those who support loved ones with ADHD. My personal experiences allow me to approach therapy with a strengths-based perspective, tailoring therapeutic techniques to best support each client’s unique needs.


Born in Bahrain, I immigrated to Canada in 2000 with my family. I have since lived in Ontario and Saskatchewan, eventually settling in Vancouver to pursue my undergraduate degree at UBC. Beyond my role as a therapist, I am a trauma-informed yoga and Pilates instructor. My experience in mindfulness practices and somatic work informs my counselling approach, emphasizing the connection between mind and body. This holistic perspective is central to my practice, where I integrate somatic and sensorimotor techniques in our work to find a deeper sense of well-being.


Therapeutic Approach

The cornerstone of my therapeutic approach is person-centred and mindfulness-based, emphasizing the present moment and the human experience. By incorporating somatic and sensorimotor techniques, I help clients engage in a body-based approach to healing, building on self-awareness and mindfulness. Healing is not a linear process; it unfolds in layers, and I am here to support you through the messy, joyful, and painful moments alike.


My practice is trauma-informed and culturally sensitive, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC and LGBTQ2IAS+ communities. Building safety and trust are important to me, so that you feel comfortable to be your authentic self and provide feedback— you always have the choice in what you wish to discuss. My areas of focus include trauma, anxiety, stress, ADHD, and neurodivergence.


Starting therapy can be daunting, especially when the process is unfamiliar. To ease this transition, I offer a free initial consultation. This allows us to determine if we are a good fit before scheduling our first session together.


I look forward to supporting you on your journey to healing and self-discovery.

My availability can be found here.

“You can be healing and feel broken at the same time. Healing isn't a destination we reach where we're perfect and at peace all the time. Healing is a journey that involves accepting and embracing ourselves as we break, as we heal, and as we reconstruct.” - Najwa Zebian 


Individual Counselling (50 mins): $165 + GST

Individual Counselling (75 mins): $245 + GST

Relationship Counselling (50 mins): $195 + GST

Relationship Counselling (75 mins): $290 + GST


Wednesdays: in-person & virtual, 5pm to 9pm

Fridays: in-person & virtual, 9am to 3pm

Saturdays: in-person & virtual, 9am to 2pm

Yosra is able to accept clients on a sliding scale at this time. If you require a lower fee, please contact us.

Information regarding payment, insurance coverage, and cancellation policies can be found here.

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