Krisztina Fovenyi

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My name is Krisztina (she/her), and I am practicing as an intern therapist at Avery Therapy Centre. Whether you are looking to begin therapy to heal areas of yourself that you have avoided in the past, or to better understand your moods, relationships, and challenges, together we will create a space to find clarity and build resilience to navigate through your experience. I truly believe that we were not meant to carry things alone, and I will always hold the privilege of being there for a client in these moments of self-growth with the utmost gratitude.


Before my adventure of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, which led to years of impactful work as a crisis intervention worker in a police-based victim services unit. This is where my passion for supporting people in uncovering their resilience began. Outside of counselling, I am likely enjoying nature by the beach or in the woods, riding a spin class, or sipping on an oat latte with my loved ones.


Therapeutic Approach

Healing and growth look different for all of us, and I strive to lead my practice in a way that validates you and your needs. My approach to therapy is holistic (considers your physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual well-being) and influenced by evidence-based practices to growth. I utilize an integrative approach to treatment, combining dynamic psychotherapy (looking at the past to make sense of the present), cognitive behavioural therapy (identifying unhelpful beliefs and ways of thinking that may be impacting you), attachment-based theories, and somatic/mindfulness approaches (tapping into the internal signals our bodies send us). I practice from an emotional focussed and trauma informed lens, and aim to incorporate approaches to encourage nervous system regulation.


My goal is to share insight, help you develop your identity, live authentically, and not only understand but fully experience your emotions. When we work together, you can expect to feel respected, accepted, valid, and in control. I strive to create an inclusive space that feels safe for you to explore yourself, your feelings and your
behaviours without judgement. Together, we will bring awareness to the patterns, values, beliefs, feelings and obstacles that have brought you to Avery Therapy Centre.

My availability can be found here.

“One day, you will look back, and see that all along you were blooming.”

-Morgan Harper Nichols