ICBC Counselling

Bruce Avery offers clinical counselling to clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. If you have an open claim with ICBC, and have either a claim number, or are already working with a lawyer, you are likely eligible for Part 7 psychological support funding for counselling therapy.

To book your first session, we will need the following information:

  • Your birth date

  • The date of the motor vehicle accident

  • Your ICBC claim number and adjuster name

If it has been 12 weeks since your accident, we will need:

  • A doctor’s referral indicating the need for counselling related to the motor vehicle accident

You may email us this information at


Once this information is received by us, we will reach out with instructions on how to schedule your first appointment. Generally, you will receive 12 sessions to be completed within 12 weeks of the accident date to start.  Upon completion, we will provide ICBC with updates and apply for new funding if deemed necessary.

There will be no cost (user fees) to you as this will be covered by ICBC.

For more information regarding ICBC claims, please refer to Part 7 of the British Columbia Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act.